Adidas DF24 Hockey Stick Carbon

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DF24 Carbon by Adidas is a high-end stick for professional and specialist players. We will be able to make the perfect drags.


The new stick of Adidas DF24 Carbon provides a modern design with white / orange. Composed of 90% carbon fiber, it has improved strength, durability and rigidity of the stick, improving hitting the ball. Position curve Super Low Bow and stick you a favor if you’re an expert player to make dragflick or want to introduce you to it. Touch has the compound, reinforcement of the blade that will help you have better grip on law and reverse. The blade has 3D shape, helping those most creative players to take their potential matches and training. Find them in five sizes.


Weight (approximately): 522 g. 
Point balance. 370 mm. 
Depth / position curve. 24 mm / -220 mm. 
Composition: 90% carbon, 5% fiber 5% glass and aramid.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 10 × 10 cm

36.5"L, 36.5"SL, 37.5"L, 37.5"SL, 38.5"L

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